Research and

EVIDENCING AND SPreading best practice

DIMHN, through our board members Professor Paula Reavey of London Southbank University, and Professor Steven Brown of Nottingham Trent, has led the field in evidencing best practice in the mental health built environment, by collating and disseminating the evidence in a series of highly acclaimed booklets, DESIGN WITH PEOPLE IN MIND. 

These are available to members as a download and printed copies are available at our conference. 

The seven books of the DESIGN WITH PEOPLE IN MIND series provide an overview of research suitable for a target audience of busy designers and practitioners. 

Professor Paula Reavey, Professor of Psychology, Honorary Research Consultant: St. Andrew’s Healthcare, and Clinical Psychology Director for Postgraduate Research: School of Applied Sciences, said,

‘Research is going on all over the world and keeping track is hard work. We should be celebrating the amount of interest there is in the connections between design and mental health. It’s a lot of leg work, but it’s worth it.’



  • To develop a systematic research repository containing an up to date and comprehensive list of empirical research papers relating to all aspects of design in mental health
  • To produce a review of all research undertaken in the area of design and mental health that covers design, the built environment and the sociological and psychological aspects of mental health care provision
  • To collate information relating to patient and staff experiences, as well as identifying needs for future research in all aspects of design in mental health care provision
  • To generate an easy-to-access research brochure to be delivered to delegates at the annual conference.