Designplan Lighting

Designplan Lighting has been active in the mental health care sector for many years. In these environments lighting must help protect the well being of service users and operational personnel. We design our luminaires to appear non-institutional to reduce the stress levels in a potentially volatile setting and create a bright positive environment which supports the therapeutic care and enhances well-being. Our fittings give peace of mind as they are designed to be robust enough to cope with the challenges of these installations. With smooth surfaces and high ingress protection ratings, our luminaires are easy to clean and help to maintain a high level of hygiene. Two of our recent installations are Broadmoor Hospital Redevelopment (BHR) and Juniper Ward, an acute adult psychiatric ward at Weston General Hospital. We installed over 1500 Basilica luminaires in BHR as the contemporary appearance of the design enhanced the features of this modern rebuild. In Juniper Ward, our Basilica Tuneable White was chosen as it incorporates the latest technology, which allows it to vary in both colour and light levels as it is designed to mimic our circadian rhythm to balance hormones and help to create a feeling of calm. To read more about these installations, please see the full case studies in the latest news and case study section.
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