Juniper Ward – Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Lighting Manufacturer: Designplan Lighting

Client:              Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP)

Contractors:      Mechanical Engineering Services (Avon) Ltd

Juniper Ward is an acute adult male and female psychiatric facility which has been renovated to improve the quality of its environment. Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP) were keen to create a more therapeutic setting which helps in providing the best care and improves patient recovery.

Designplan Lighting were appointed to design and commission a lighting system in all corridors, day areas, TV rooms and dining rooms. Adjustable light levels and colour temperatures were incorporated to aid rest and recuperation. Existing lighting points and cabling were used for minimal disturbance to service users.

The Basilica Tuneable White, incorporating new lighting technology, was chosen as it is designed to mimic our circadian rhythm. By replicating natural light to regulate our body clock, this has a holistic effect on the service users by balancing the hormones to help create a feeling of well-being and reduce stress levels.

It is not just the amount of light which is significant but also the colour. A daylight sensor detects the amount of natural light. During the day lux levels can be raised with a cool colour temperature for an energy boost. In the evening, to create a calmer relaxing environment, the lux levels are lowered with a warm colour temperature.

At night the light levels are reduced further to avoid any disturbance during the frequent monitoring of service users. This resolved the issue of the previous lighting installation, which was very disruptive, as it caused light to flood the room when opening observation blinds.

Lighting controls such as presence and daylight sensors can help further reduce energy consumption. In areas such as day spaces and dining areas, the lighting is controlled when necessary via a dimmable wall switch

AWP required a simple controls system integrated within the Basilica Tuneable White which was automated for time, date and seasonal changes. The microwave sensor reacts to activity and the fitting comes on at the brightness level appropriate for that time of day. This then dims down after 10 minutes and switches off after a further period if no presence is detected.

The safety of service users and staff is vital and one of AWP’s top priorities in their mental healthcare facilities. The design of the Basilica Tuneable White is anti-ligature to prevent self harm and can withstand 250 joules of impact.

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